Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honey Creek - A Larger Perspective

Honey Creek – A Personal Perspective

The Des Moines Register reported on Honey Creek and a shortfall over the first nine months of operation. There is perception and there is reality. The media tend to gravitate toward cooking up a rock soup. They create entertainment by starting with a few of the most basic facts and then season liberally (no pun intended) with opposing opinions. It really is a lot like the Jerry Springer show. And those who swim in the story are much like Jerry Springer’s guests and audience.

The story is void of a bigger picture. It is simply meant to entertain. There is no comment on construction delays and its opening after the summer season was over. There was no parallel to the industry as a whole being of those hit hardest as our nation tumbled into hard times.

Honey Creek is a sensational location. Operating four tourism worthy businesses in Appanoose County, I know what visitors to Honey Creek are saying. While the rest of the country saw sales slacken our businesses improved, largely due to tourists visiting Honey Creek. It is hard not to notice the increased volume and the wonderful comments from visitors.

Jason Clayworth deserves some credit. His facts seem to be facts. He was artful to direct the reader’s attention to opposing views and it does stimulate conversation and interest. I think he has done his job. What is disappointing is how so many don’t care to know the details and are easily bated by comment alone. They don’t care to know the entire truth. They want to hear what they want to hear.

On behalf of our companies, especially The Shoppes at Bradley Hall, The Columns, The Exline Country Store and Antique Exchange, and The Continental Hotel, I can express my gratitude for those who cared to try something different and to support Appanoose and the surrounding counties. Rathbun Lake and the surrounding communities, especially Centerville, are thankful for Honey Creek Resort.

There are others who also believe in our area such as philanthropist Morgan Cline. Even Governor Francis Drake, the founder of Drake University was a believer in the area.

Iowans success, indeed all of our success, will lie in doing things positive rather than saying things negative.


  1. Yes, Bill I agree on news articles like Honey Creek has received. Locally, a trend is that we write our own articles and submit....We last visited Honey Creek in Fall, stayed in a cozy Cabin, ate GRAND food, watched 2 weddings in same day, kids soaked up Water Park, tandom biked, and RELAXED. Really felt like we escaped!

  2. Bill

    We have had the opportunity to visit Honeycreek Resort several times since it openned. The resort has a beautiful lodge, hotel and cabins. From a TV story, the golf course is rated in the top ten midwest golf courses by several golf magazines.

    The state of Iowa has a right to be proud of this resort which is equal to many other destination resorts. We have the opportunity to use the resort to show off our state to incoming businesses and employees.

    I have been told that the cabins are rented out a year in advance and that the golf course is in the works of obtaining high profile golf tournaments.

    Honeycreek will only get better as the years go by.