Thursday, December 24, 2009

Starting A Business: Are you sure?

With each passing year, more people come to share, discuss, and brainstorm a business idea they are thinking about. While circumstances differ, there are some rather typical similarities. Almost every time they start to share their dream I think back to when my wife was pregnant with our first child.

We hadn’t been married long and contrary to our parents advice the first child came quicker than expected. Those that had children seemed to take special delight in asking, “Do you think you are ready?” In complete ignorance we would respond, “Yes!” If egged on we would drone on about our preparations and the reasons we thought we were ready. They smiled with this weird knowing but patient smile and a slight nod saying nothing more.

So it goes with the idea of starting a new business. Fast forward a few months after our first born “hit the ground” as we say in cattle country. Without getting into the details, Alex had been crying uncontrollably for hours. We called everyone, took temperatures, looked over every millimeter of his little body. No apparent reason. Grandma said calmly, “Maybe he just needs to cry.” It is late and my wife walks outside into the bitter cold. Then I hear it, a blood curdling scream. Within seconds she is back inside. She says, “I’m ok. I’m ok.”

Rather than smile and nod I’m going to share the facts. Starting a business is indeed like having a baby. It will test you to tears. You will experience higher highs and lower lows than you thought imaginable. Some grow up to make you very proud. Others challenge you until death. They keep you up at night and you can never get them off your mind.

Before you start your business, look in the mirror and ask yourself one thing. “Am I sure?” If you are then do it and don’t look back. Good, bad, or somewhere in between, if you were ready it will truly enrich your life.

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